Introduction to the Philosophy of History (Paperback)

Introduction to the Philosophy of History Cover Image
By G. W. F. Hegel, Leo Rauch (Translator)
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. . . eminently readable . . . admirably picks up the spirit of what Hegel is saying. . . . more readable and accurate than Hartmann's, and it trans­lates a more readable text than does Nisbet's. It includes (as Hartmann's does not) an excerpt, which serves as chapter five, from 'The Geo­graphical Basis of History' (particularly interesting for what it says of America), and a brief chapter six, entitled 'The Division of History.' The volume closes with an appendix, translating 341-360 of Hegel's Philosophy of Right and deals directly with the very concept of 'World History.' It constitutes a big help in coming to grips with what Hegel means by 'Spirit.' --Quentin Lauer, SJ, Fordham University, in International Philosophical Quarterly

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Publisher: Hackett Publishing Company
Publication Date: June 1st, 1988
Pages: 123
Language: English
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