Art and Scholasticism (Paperback)

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By Jacques Maritain, Brian Barbour (Introduction By)
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Art and Scholasticism is Jacques Maritain’s classic argument for an objective view of both art and the artist. Maritain provides a strong dissenting perspective on the lazy, self-flattering artistic assumptions of the past two centuries. For this new edition, Brian Barbour’s Introduction gives a fascinating summary of Maritain’s philosophical background, his conversion to Catholicism and work in Thomistic thought, and the importance of Art and Scholasticism in understanding aesthetics—be it in poetry, painting, music, or literature. Art and Scholasticism is a must-read for lovers of art and wisdom alike.

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"Art and Scholasticism is one of those classic works that needs to be rediscovered by each new generation. It combines the simplicity of a primer (who can ever forget his distinction between “making” and “doing”?) with a subtlety of thought born of deep reflection. Maritain’s book has always had a liberating effect on those who read it. In showing the right relationship between art and morality, Maritain saves art from being reduced to propaganda, while at the same time challenging the artist to bring the wholeness of his humanity (including his faith) to making of the work. Above all, Maritain’s passion for modern art—his firm conviction that faith and craft could generate masterpieces in a contemporary idiom—separates him from all those addicted to a narrative of decline. The proof of this is that Art and Scholasticism influenced some of the greatest Christian artists of the twentieth century, including T.S. Eliot, Igor Stravinsky, David Jones, and Flannery O’Connor—artists whose work was daring, experimental, radical in the deepest sense. May it have such a generative impact in our own time." ~Gregory Wolfe, editor of Image, and the author of Beauty Will Save the World and other books

“This new edition of Jacques Maritain’s 1920 book, Art and Scholasticism, is given more than just a reprint by Cluny Media: it is refreshed and revitalized. Relying primarily on J.F. Scanlan’s 1930 translation, this edition also draws on Joseph W. Evans’ 1962 version where the latter offers a clearer rendering of Thomistic terminology. Art and Scholasticism performs a crucial task, rendering intelligible the relationship between creative art, perceptions of beauty, and being itself. Brian Barbour’s masterful introduction captures both the timeliness and timelessness of Maritain’s call for a return to aesthetic sanity in the face of a Romantic exaltation of the artist-as-creator, of an overflowing subjectivity that has left us moderns terminally fixated on the new rather than the real.” ~Richard Francis Crane, Professor of History, Benedictine College

"We owe enormous thanks to Cluny Media for putting back into print Jacques Maritain’s Art and Scholasticism, a timeless reminder of the transcendent power of beauty and of the noble dignity of the artist. And happily prefaced with Flannery O’Connor scholar Brian Barbour’s delightful introduction, this edition will go a long way towards inviting a new generation to share Maritain’s intoxicating vision. I shall be ordering it for my students forthwith.” ~Raymond F. Hain, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Providence College
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ISBN: 9781944418106
Publisher: Cluny Media
Publication Date: December 31st, 1969
Pages: 296