Tai Chi on Tuesdays at Twelve

Tai Chi on Tuesdays at Twelve

1 hour class

 Old Graded School Building
  49 West Main St  ~ Warner
Middle Classroom - Access via West Door - Upstairs

~ You are welcome to join at any point ~

Taught by certified instructor Marcia Wyman, the class covers basic tai chi movements for balance, flexibility, strength, and mental concentration. Marcia teaches a modified Yang form that is easy and safe for everyone.

Tai Chi is moving meditation.  It combines martial arts  with visualizations  and stretching.
 The focus of Chi (energy) circulation is its ability to strengthen and repair the physical and energetic body .

  Tai Chi is non-jarring, slow, with integrated movements.
Participants wear loose, comfortable clothes.  Many wear soft shoes or socks.    Besides calming the mind, Tai Chi awakens healing energy and deepens your breathing.  


Senior Program - Instructor permit  required for individuals under age 50.

Event date: 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Event address: 

Old Graded School Building
49 West Main Street
Warner, NH 03278

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