Friends of MainStreet BookEnds

Our special annual membership program that gives you 20% off your purchases, all the time, every day.

If you are not currently a member, you will need to enroll on-line to receive the discount.

How does the FOMBE´ work?

Annual dues are $20, for a full year starting at the time you enroll.  When you sign up on-line, we will add you to the store roster so that you will also receive the discount when you shop in the store.  If you are already a FOMBE´, at the checkout please indicate that you are a current FOMBE´/member of the bookstore.  Your final price, or charge to your credit card, will be adjusted when we process your order.

What gets discounted?

All regular books, toys, games, and cards.  When you come to the store it includes all the sale books as well.

What does not get discounted?

Google eBooks; out of print books; special orders such as text books that are not sold wholesale; any works of art that are on consignment from local artists.  If not sure, ask us.

How do I become a FOMBE´?

Enroll now on-line.  The discount will apply to books shipped to you, or for books marked for pick-up in the store. You also can sign up the next time you visit the store.  Remember, your membership lasts for one year from the time you enroll, and you can always renew your FOMBE´!