Latin for the New Millennium, Level 2

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Terence Tunberg

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Milena Minkova

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‎ Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers

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This new complete introductory course to the Latin language consists of two volumes, each accompanied by a teacher's manual and students' workbooks. The strategy employed for teaching and learning incorporates the best of both the reading approach and the more abstract grammatical method. The choice of vocabulary in each chapter reflects ancient authors commonly studied for the AP* Latin examinations. This new series also incorporates exercises designed for oral use, as well as a substantial core of more conventional exercises in each chapter, so that the entire course can be completed with profit by teachers who are less willing to employ spoken Latin. The readings, pictures, and supplementary inserts on cultural information illuminate Roman life, civilization, Roman history, and mythology, as well as the continuing use of Latin after antiquity and its vigorous literary tradition in such periods as the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Each chapter also includes derivatives, the influence of Latin vocabulary on English, and selected proverbs or common Latin sayings. 

Special Features

* the best of the reading approach and the grammar-translation approach
* one Latin passage in each chapter that is adapted from post-antique Latin literature
* each chapter contains an unadapted selection of classical Latin from Nepos Life of Atticus
* text ends with ten additional unadapted selections from the Life of Atticus for students transition to authors courses
* Nepos selections accompanied by facing notes and vocabulary
* clear, concise grammatical explanations
* abundant exercises, both Latin to English and English to Latin
* optional oral exercises
* vocabulary geared to upper level literature and AP* syllabi
* review unit for every three chapters
* derivative and proverb studies
* background essays on daily life and the culture of post-ancient world
* essays on the heroes of classical mythology
* essays connecting the ancient, post-ancient, and modern worlds written by university scholars
* plentiful full-color illustrations complement the Latin text of each chapter
* study tips for students
* three maps custom-made for Latin for the New Millennium
* timeline of historical and literary events