MainStreet Warner, Inc.

MainStreet Warner, Inc. is a federally approved, tax exempt, not for profit organization, currently housed at MainStreet BookEnds of Warner. Started in 2000, MainStreet Warner identified some needs of the greater Warner community:

  • Children & Adult Literacy
  • Historic Preservation
  • Warner Beautification Projects
  • Promoting Local Business
  • Encouraging an appreciation for local art, music and theater.

Projects to date include the Jim Mitchell Community Park and Amphitheater, the Annual Literacy Project and Book Awards, and The Jim Mitchell Scholarship. 

As one of its goals, MainStreet Warner, Inc. encourages you to shop at your locally owned businesses. Your support of these small, family operated businesses helps them survive and thrive, maintaining a way of life we all appreciate and value. That's what MainStreet Warner, Inc. is all about!

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